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Meet Cindy Benning, a visionary leader, founder, and Executive Director of Dragonfly Insights. With over 30 years of invaluable experience in various operational roles within the Pharmaceutical Industry, Cindy embarked on a transformative journey driven by her unwavering passion for helping organizations thrive in extraordinary ways.

In 2020, fueled by a deep desire to share her wealth of knowledge and expertise, Cindy took a leap of faith. Armed with a unique model of leadership she developed called BRAVE®, she set out to revolutionize how organizations approach excellence. With her book documenting her remarkable journey and introducing this groundbreaking model, Cindy now offers invaluable insights to organizations seeking to unlock their true potential.

BRAVE, an acronym for Benevolent, Respectful, Authentic, Vulnerable, and Emotionally Conscious, encapsulates Cindy's profound philosophy on leadership. It emphasizes the power of compassion, respect, and authenticity in creating a culture of trust, collaboration, and innovation.


By fostering an environment where vulnerability is celebrated, and emotional intelligence is nurtured, organizations can reach new heights of success and inspire profound transformation.

Through Cindy's expertise, Dragonfly Insights is now at the forefront of guiding organizations toward excellence in new and extraordinary ways. With a profound understanding of the challenges and opportunities within operational excellence, Cindy offers a holistic approach beyond mere processes.

Her journey and experiences have been beautifully captured in her book, which serves as a testament to her unwavering dedication and her commitment to empowering organizations to excel. Now, through Dragonfly Insights, Cindy is ready to impart her transformative insights and guide organizations toward a future of unparalleled success and sustainable growth.

Whether you're a startup navigating the complexities of establishing a solid foundation or an established corporation seeking to redefine industry standards, Cindy Benning and Dragonfly Insights are here to illuminate your path to greatness. With her remarkable leadership model and profound insights, Cindy is poised to inspire and guide organizations toward transformative excellence.

Embark on a journey of growth and innovation. Unlock your organization's true potential with Cindy Benning and Dragonfly Insights. It's time to embrace the power of BRAVE leadership and soar to new heights of success.

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